Chemical fertilizers

      Chemical fertilizers — inorganic compounds containing the elements required for plant nutrition.

      Fertilizers containing nutrients as various mineral salts. Depending on what the nutrients contained therein, fertilizers subdivided into simple and complex. Simple (one-way) fertilizers contain a single battery. These include phosphorus, nitrogen, potassium and micronutrient fertilizers. Complex, or multilateral, fertilizers contain a combination of two or more basic nutrients.


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      Potassium chloride is the most common concentrated potash fertilizer. The nutrient content in terms of K2O in the range 52-62%.

      Potassium chloride can be white or pink colors.

      Potassium chloride pink used for direct application to the soil, while the white potassium chloride is used, as for direct application to the soil and to produce a mixed nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer, and used in the industry.

      Potassium chloride is used in any soil as a basic fertilizer.


      Potassium chloride:

  • Highly concentrated potash fertilizer for all crops — cereals, vegetables, fodder, fruits and berries.

  • Easily absorbed by plants.

  • Enhances the resistance of plants to frost damage, strengthens the stubble, reduces loss of crops root rot and rust, maintains the water regime in them.

  • Positive effect on the value of the crop.

  • Good solubility in water.